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    Jingle BELLES, Jingle BELLES: A Contest!


    Heya, avid fans! While Mel and I are coming up with questions to ask the lovely, sexy Gina Bliss (heroine of Jaci Burton‘s hot-hot-hawt Surviving Demon Island), I thought I’d do something evil.

    (What do you expect? Maybe I’m not a succubus any longer, but I sure as Hell ain’t an angel.)

    I’m going to give away some of Jackie’s author copies of Hell’s Belles.

    That’s right. Not an advance reading copy. The real thing. Jackie just got a whole [BLEEP]load of copies. She won’t notice if, say, six were to go (cough) missing…just in time for the holidays (well, squeaking in there, if you do the menorah thing).

    So…here’s a pop quiz. First six people to answer correctly get free copies. Hint: If you read the first chapter of Hell’s Belles (in the Books section of Jackie’s website) and if you’ve been a fan of Cat and Muse (read: you can check out the archives), you can get everything right.

    Rules: Do NOT post the answers here as comments to this post. That will piss me off and will disqualify you. Don’t do it. Instead, email me directly at j a x AT j a c k i e k e s s l e r DOT c o m with the subject of “For Jezebel.” Put the answers in the email message.

    Even if you won an advance reading copy, you can enter the contest. Enter as many times as you want, but you can win only once. (That is, limit of one prize per person. Hey, I’ve got to draw the line somewhere…)

    Ready? Set? Go!

    1. What does Jezebel ask of Caitlin?
    2. What else does she wind up taking from Caitlin?
    3. What form does Jezebel first appear as?

    4. Who was the first guest interviewed on Cat and Muse? (character name, not author name)

    5. What’s Melpomene’s role on Cat and Muse? (multiple choice):

    A: Announcer
    B: Host
    C: Producer
    D: None of the above
    E: Trick question: there is no Melpomene in Cat and Muse

    6. What’s the last thing Jezebel does at the end of chapter 1 of Hell’s Belles?
    Bonus question — answer NOT in the first chapter OR on Cat and Muse. (If you get this one right as well, I’ll throw in something from Jackie’s Swag Bag when she’s not looking. You know, maybe one of those sweet phone thongs. So what if supplies are running out? Only ONE person can win the bonus prize, so first come, first served. You must be one of the six winners to qualify for the bonus question.):

    What’s Melpomene’s role in Hell’s Belles? (multiple choice):

    A: Jezebel’s best friend
    B: Jezebel’s love interest
    C: Caitlin’s love interest
    D: Bounty hunter
    E: Trick question: there is no Melpomene in Hell’s Belles
    There you go, Avid Fans! Contest is open…NOW, and closes on December 15, 2007, at 11:59 pm EST. First six people to answer all six questions correctly win.

    Have at it!

    3 Responses to “Jingle BELLES, Jingle BELLES: A Contest!”

    1. I’m not reading that because I haven;t read the book yet. My version of NAH NAH NAH I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!

      Not fair to use book content as a quiz if you are trying to win THE BOOK JEz. And not fair to steal those copies…she waited SOOOO long for them. Even longer than I did! 😉

      And just when are you going to interview me, woman?

      by Jacki Frank on December 14th, 2006 at 12:39 am

    2. I can answer all those questions. I’ve read the book.


      And Gina is looking forward to that interview

      by Jaci Burton on December 14th, 2006 at 9:24 am

    3. Hi Jackie!! I’ve been visiting around here and wow, can’t wait to read this one!!! Nice to meet you too!

      by Cathie on December 14th, 2006 at 2:44 pm


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