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    David Tennant to the rescue!

    So I’m in Rochester, NY, for the amazing Teen Book Festival (TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) – I’ve been here since Thursday afternoon because I was scheduled to do a school visit on Friday along with Heather Brewer and Amy King (Jackie waves to the terrific girls at Mercy High). Now, I don’t know about you, but I tend not to sleep too well when I’m away. Just one of those “It’s not my bed” things, I guess. Or maybe I just miss Officekitty waking me up before 6 to feed her. **pauses** No, definitely not that last one.

    Anyway. So yesterday I got up at 5 am, for no good reason. Sigh. So I worked out and got ready for the day (with only a slight detour when the water was shut off; all I’ll say is THANK YOU, TBF, FOR THE BOTTLED WATER – which is perfectly serviceable when washing your face), and then Heather, Amy and I went off to the school and talked about bullying. We got back, had lunch, and then by 1:45 pm I had a crushing headache. I guess the whole not-sleeping-well/up-early thing had caught up to me. I decided to take a nap, because there was plenty of time before we had to meet for dinner that evening.

    Here’s the David Tennant part. 😀

    First, you have to understand that I am a recent convert to DOCTOR WHO. (For more on this, see my blog post at the League of Reluctant Adults.) The theme from the David Tennant run is my ringtone on my cell phone. (Yes, whenever I watch the show, I have to make sure my ringer is off.) Ten is my favorite Doctor (although to be fair, I still have to catch up on the classic series).

    So. Me, sleeping.

    I had some wonky dreams (maybe there’s something in the Rochester water — hmm, no, wait, the water had been turned off). There was something about being in a car and having to drive over this rail-thin bridge with no rails, which sort of turned my hair white (not literally). And I think I was in Portugal. So. Anyway. Toward the end of the dream, David Tennant was looking for me. He had something he needed to tell me. It was pretty urgent, and he was striding purposefully, with that I Have Something Important Or Possibly Clever To Say look on his face. (No, I don’t know if he was the Doctor or David Tennant; I didn’t actually hear him speak, so there was no accent to give me a clue. I think he was in Ten’s overcoat, though. Hmm.)

    So I finally wake up, wondering why David Tennant had been looking for me. I sort of smile about it. And then it clicks: David Tennant. Doctor Who. My cell phone ring tone.

    I grab my phone. And there’s a text message from Heather, saying that we’re all meeting downstairs at 5:30 to get car pooled (what? It’s a verb) to the restaurant for dinner.

    I look at the phone. It’s 5:29.

    In a truly, spectacularly, impressively fast feat of getting-readiness, I got downstairs only 5 minutes late. If not for the David Tennant dream, I might have missed my ride.

    David Tennant to the rescue! 😀

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